Video Production

Adobe Premiere Editing Screen

AMS Demo Reel

Interested in viewing some of our work? You can view our demo reel by clicking the image to the left. Or you can take a moment to view some of our other videos by checking out the sample page to view a sampling of some of our recent works. If you would like to contact us about a video you’re interested in creating please make sure to click the button below to get into contact with one of our representatives.


Atlanta Media Was Founded On Video Production

Atlanta Media Services is a visual company specializing in telling a story through a lens. Whether it's a TV spot that sums up your entire marketing campaign in 30 seconds or a 5-minute onsite highlight video played on the big screen at your event, we have a platform that helps guide you through the process. From concept to execution, we pride ourselves in the ability to simplify what can be easily overcomplicated. We love our job, it's a “cool job,” and you will have fun working with us. Our goal is to listen to you, understand your vision and watch your face light up on the first draft.

Green Screen Set

On The Set

You might find it interesting to learn that video is half lighting and half camera. Sure a good HD quality camera adds the production value the pros are looking for, but if you don’t know how to light a set, you’re really expensive video camera is going to look amateur. We begin with light and then bring the camera into focus. Understanding the tricks of the trade give us the advantage.

Editing Keyboard

Story Telling

Final Cut Pro™ & Premiere™ are staples in our industry. Our editing team excels in these applications. While there are several programs available to the general consumer, it takes a finely tuned understanding of how to piece together an overwhelming amount of footage and turn it into a story. The easy part is learning program, the hard part is programing your mind to tell a story.

After Effects Editing Screen

Effects For Affect

The Adobe™ suite of products provides us with a whole new level of complexity. We use two dimensional graphical elements for print, video and other media to transform your logo into the coolest intro bump that you have ever seen. After Effects, Photoshop and many other programs are used to accomplish many of the effects you see in the video production world these days.

Recent Works