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We extend the following information to assure you, our guest, that we are concerned about and respect your privacy while visiting our Web site. Atlanta Media Services, LLC will never sell, lease, or rent your confidential information. We will always endeavor to take steps to assure that any information you provide to us will remain secure. We want you to feel safe in your online experience while visiting our site. We therefore request that you take a moment to review the following valuable information.

Collection of Information

Atlanta Media Services, LLC does not collect personal information without your knowledge during your visit to our Web sites.

However, Atlanta Media Services, LLC does at times ask that you provide us with personal information while online. The type of information we collect typically, but not always, corresponds directly with the service you request. For instance, you can make on-line payments for products, or fill out a product/service research survey. As a visitor, the personal information you provide may also be used to improve the usability of, and information available on, our site. In other words, at times we will ask you for more information, beyond just your name and contact information, that is needed to facilitate our response to your specific request. Your provision of such additional information is your acknowledgement that you consent to our use of such information to better serve you, our visitor, and others coming to our site. As always, your name and address will never be shared with third parties.


This web site may contain hypertext links to third party web sites. Atlanta Media Services, LLC has no control of, or responsibility for, the content of such third party web sites. Such links or references to third parties are provided solely for your convenience and in no way constitute endorsements, or approval of the third party or the material contained on the third party web site. Information may be gathered by web sites accessed through a hyperlink. You should read the privacy policy of the web site that you hyperlinked to.

If in the future if we decide to offer an on-line payment system, we will use SSL encryption to protect sensitive data transmissions from your computer to our Web site. You are able to see when the SSL encryption is active either by the “padlock” icon at the bottom of your browser’s window or by a blue line around the window. In certain areas, password protection is used to protect your privacy and security.


Atlanta Media Services, LLC reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time and requests that you review this policy for updates.

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