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Hamburg, Germany

Nick was in Germany for a few weeks – the event was flawless, I got to see some cool places, and one of the many great speakers was one of our first ladies, of the United States… Pretty cool. I have been doing this show for the past few years with a production company here in Atlanta. Its fun to travel the world with a bunch of guys I really respect and enjoy working with.

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Pres Rec – Atlanta

Just wrapped up another picture-in-picture recording for the best drink company in the world! When you put all the elements of a presentation together into a single video… IT JUST MAKES SENSE!!

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San Diego

Just wrapped up an event in San Diego. Love that town! The weather is always perfect! Here is a shot I took from my hotel room. Some of my family lives out there and it was great to see everyone!

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Photo Work Atlanta

Just completed yet another perfect event photo job for the Multi-Family Industry.  The just announced their IPO live from the stock market!!

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Pres Rec- Atlanta – Hotel

The hotel industry loves Pres Rec! It is the best way to send a message to a company that has properties all over the world. We created a nice looking page online for them that encapsulated all the presentations in a single page. Pretty easy to navigate and see what is being said.


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Anchorage, Alaska

Nick took a trip up to Anchorage on what he likes to call a “service project”. He left Atlanta with a bunch of guys from his small group and headed up to Alaska to work for a week for Mission Match. We serviced 21 vehicles. We were in charge of changing oil, tires, greasing joints, transmission fluid, etc.… On our down time, we went to an air show… and then jumped in a plane and flew all around. With that many guys chipping in to help it saves the organization a TON of money they can spend on their mission. O yeah.. on top of all that, Nick shot and edited this video in about 48 hours with a Cannon 7D, a zoom recorder and a micro dolly…. Check it out!


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New York, New York

Highlight videos created on site, 2 Final Cut Suites, 2 video crews all over the place, Streaming video, Photography, and Presentation Recreation. WOW. We really enjoyed our weeklong stay but it is time for some R&R during the holidays!

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