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Event Photography
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Don’t simply tell someone about it, educate them.

In the Information Age, it is imperative to continuously offer as much education possible about your products and services. The power of video as a learning tool can drastically improve the way customers understand your products and offerings.

Atlanta Media Services prides itself on the ability to capture what you want to say and how you want to delivery it. The presentation can be as simple as some slides with audio up to a full library of on-camera instructor lead material. Recorded live on location or in studio, we can provide the means.

To view a sample training video we created please click on the image. The sample video shows a brief introduction and the steps needed to successfully build a computer.


Some of the offerings from AMS:

  • Full HD screen, video and audio capture

  • Picture-in-Picture instructor lead videos

  • Product demonstrations

  • Testimonials

  • Animation

  • Scripting

  • Hosting of video libraries

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