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Event Photography
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Buy priligy in india online - Buy priligy approval

Nick Snider
Nick SniderOwner & Founder

Buy priligy in india online - Buy priligy approval

Owner, Nick Snider, has been working in the media industry for more than 15 years. His background is in AV production and photography with a degree in Television Production. A fine tuned and attentive vision for the creative world has equipped him to serve a wide scope of clients. From Corporate to Rock & Roll, he takes the same approach. Nick listens to his clients and then gets creative to provide them with an exceptional end result.
  • Leadership Statement. I will always leverage my authority and knowledge to serve and support those who work with me.
  • Why video? I believe the most efficient and productive way of communication is through imagery and audio.

I understand that knowledge and experience, while very important, does not always make you the smartest person in the room.

Husband, business owner, don’t have a Facebook account, frequent flyer, always wanted to be a professional baseball player, GO BRAVES, outdoors kind of guy, photography is my creative outlet, enjoy volunteering, do a pretty good Christopher Walken impression, working out when I have time, a man of my word, shoot in the 80’s, Dumb & Dumber is a favorite movie.

History of Atlanta Media Services

Nick founded Atlanta Media Services in September 2009 after years of working in the production industry. After gaining valuable experience working with other companies in the Atlanta area, he knew he had the leadership skills and abilities to branch out on his own. Nick’s goal with Atlanta Media Services is to provide the client with what they need the first time around. For years he watched other companies fail to deliver on this goal. Atlanta Media Services is proud to be a leader in this endeavor.

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