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Learn more about your audience

After your stream has ended we are able to provide you with a webpage that shows you a detailed report that highlights the analytics of the viewers who watched your event. We are able to provide you with the total number of viewers, the geographical distribution of your viewers, and the different types of devices they used to access the stream.

Please scroll down below to view a sample of the analytics report that we send to clients.​

Computer screen with analytics graph


Unique Views: 261

What's the difference between Unique and Concurrent Views?

Unique Views: This statistic represents the number of individual devices that have connected your stream. Each viewer is counted only once, no matter how many times he/she opens the stream from the same device.

Concurrent Views: Displays how many viewers are watching the stream at each moment. As viewers join and leave the stream, this number will fluctuate up and down.

Analytics graph showing viewers for stream.


Geographic distribution of viewers.

By country and down to state level within the United States.


Analytics graph showing stream viewers in the world



Analytics graph showing stream numbers in United States


Shows the device types and Operating Systems used to watch the stream.

Analytics graph showing user devices that connected to stream
Analytics graph showing user desktop devices that connected to stream
Analytics graph showing user mobile devices that connected to stream

CSV REPORTS (click to download) This section is where you can download your CSV reports of each meeting


March 2016 CSV Report

February 2016 CSV Report

January 2016 CSV Report


December 2015 CSV Report

November 2015 CSV Report

October 2015 CSV Report

September 2015 CSV Report

August 2015 CSV Report

July 2015 CSV Report

June 2015 CSV Report

May 2015 CSV Report

April 2015 CSV Report

March 2015 CSV Report

February 2015 CSV Report

January 2015 CSV Report

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