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Let AMS bring in a remote presenter to your next Round Table, All Hands or Summit meeting. We have solutions for both ends of the virtual line.

Need more participants? No problem Invite 50 of your closest friends. Your meeting shouldn’t be limited by the cost of travel. Everyone, anywhere can participate.

With Our Robust But Simple To Use System You Can Have:

  • A secure video conference at your chosen location.

  • Dual screen support.

  • Group collaboration, screen sharing and white boarding.

  • Up to 50 participants with the lowest package.

Group of business people having video conference

buy priligy priligy online uk

Participants Can Join By:

  • A one time application download

  • H.323/SIP room systems

  • Toll-Free dialing

Additional Options Include:

  • Multi-camera support
  • Analytics
  • Personal vanity URL
  • Company branding
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